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From New Agents to Well Established Brokers & Teams

At Zinda, our focus is to equip you for success. No matter your current level of experience - starting out or seeking a refresh - our team will ensure your online presence shines brightly, outpacing your competition and establishing you as a leader in your field.

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I'm special

I collaborate with people, teams, and businesses to develop design systems, strategies, and processes to do better and more interesting creative work.

And bad kerning does keep me up at night.

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Hockey fan, maker, DJ, Eames fan and creative consultant. Operating at the crossroads of aesthetics and programing to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade. German award-winning designer raised in Austria & currently living in New York City.

Skier, vegan, record lover, Vignelli fan and recent OCAD grad. Making at the sweet spot between aesthetics and purpose to craft meaningful ideas that endure. Let's chat.

Skateboarder, maker, guitarist, Mad Men fan and RGD member. Producing at the nexus of minimalism and intellectual purity to craft delightful brand experiences. German award-winning designer raised in Austria & currently living in New York City.
Fixie owner, hustler, hiphop head, Mad Men fan and brand builder. Operating at the crossroads of art and elegance to craft an inspiring, compelling and authentic brand narrative. My opinions belong to nobodybut myself.

Our Mission

Partner first approach

Zinda's mission is to help top Realtors grow and thrive in the real estate industry by transforming brands, technology and processes, improving presence, automating sales and marketing.

To be the trusted partner, who provides services that will enable  Top Realtors to focus on helping their clients and to continue to stay in the driver's seat for their own success.

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Our Story

Zinda has Real Estate in its DNA.

As a Vancouver based agency, Real Estate has always been a subject of conversations and interest. We combined it with our love for creating beautiful functional brands and websites.



We started learning about what it takes to be successful in competitive Real Estate market from a brand prospective.



Instead of diving into everything at once, we focused only on branding to gain experience that drives results.


Web Services

An amazing brand and boring website will does not help realtors grow. It was natural evolution of our services.


Small Team

Today we are a small team of elite designers and developer working with Top1% realtors in the world.

Our guiding principles

The core values that drive everything we do

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Trust through Integrity

We believe that integrity is the key to building trust. As a team, we value this trait above all else, and we make sure to infuse honesty, fairness, and respect into every action we take, both with our clients and our colleagues. This is what makes us a reliable and trustworthy agency.

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Leading with Innovation

Innovation is the driving force behind our actions at Zinda Web Agency. We encourage risk-taking, foster curiosity and new ideas, learn from our mistakes and strive to consistently exceed expectations. By fostering a culture of innovation, we are able to deliver innovative solutions to our customers and raise the standards within our industry.

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Creating Positive Impact

we understand the immeasurable power of our shared values and collective effort in creating a positive impact. Through our teamwork, we strive to make ground-breaking changes and deliver excellence for all our customers, colleagues, and communities.

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Embracing Diversity

we embrace diversity and believe that coming together as a united team allows us to achieve great things. By utilizing the collective experiences, diverse skills, and unique talents of every team member, we create unstoppable momentum and drive towards success.

Our Service Area

We Keep Growing by Reaching Out to More Regions

As a global leader in the highly regulated real estate industry, we maintain strict adherence to all relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines. Our current areas of operation include Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and selected regions of Australia. For inquiries outside of these regions, kindly contact us for further information.

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1650 Page. San Francisco, California(CA), 94117
(415) 203 - 7468sanfrancisco@agencypro.com
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782 St Margarets Ave.   Toronto, ON K6A 7X4,
(613) 555 - 0195toronto@agencypro.com
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9617 High Street, London WC21 8HZ
(078) 562 - 3705london@agencypro.com
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Our Team

The Exceptional Squad Behind Zinda Web Agency